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Vic Caroleo

Vic Caroleo
Vic Caroleo

Vic Caroleo gave his life to Christ over 35 years ago. Since then, God has used him strategically in the workplace in both unique and effective ways.

Those who are faithful with little will be faithful with much and in recent years, Vic has grown, allowing him to speak at many engagements in the New York area: his vision for where God is taking him. With a keen word of knowledge, he has spoken timely words that have not only changed the course of many lives but have also influenced and heightened entire churches.

An intimate prayer life has given Vic the following vision: he believes that his success and the success of any true believer can only be achieved when one is dialed in to what the Spirit is saying. “As the children of God align with the Spirit, they grow and excel while fulfilling God’s perfect plan and divine purpose for their lives.”

We are here to help people know Christ. To discover their purpose and to make a difference in all areas of their life. Recognizing through Christ your potential for spiritual growth, financial freedom and The glory of Devine intervention.
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3:00 AM - Montauk to Manhattan
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4:30 AM - Discover Blind Spots
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12:00 PM - Bars Are Off
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4:00 PM - Everybody Luvs Vic
5:00 PM - Left for Dead
5:30 PM - Hour of the Kingdom
6:00 PM - God Knows When

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